District Youth Retreat

The camp hosted the District Youth Retreat on January 11-13, 2019. Around 150 students and staff enjoyed the weekend which included spiritual challenge and relationship building times. The district youth enjoyed several inches of snow which blanketed the camp on Saturday evening. Winter retreats continue each weekend by various Christian groups.

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2019 Summer Camp DATES / Prices

Trailblazer (campers entering 11th grade through 2019 graduates) June 10 - 15 - Cost $220.00

Pathfinder (campers entering 9th and 10th grades) June 17 - 21  - Cost $ 215.00

Adventurer (campers entering 7th and 8th graders) June 24 - 28  - Cost $210.00

Pioneer (campers entering 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades)*  July 1 - 3  - Cost $160.00

Explorer (campers entering 5th and 6th grades)  July 8 - 12  - Cost $210.00

2018 Summer Camp Video

Camp Dinner Report

Despite the snow, the camp dinner was held on Thursday, November 15. If you missed the dinner due to the snow but would still like to see the program, click the video to the right. It was announced that gifts will be going toward a new chapel project - the engineering/planning phase. Our chapel building is 50 years old and originally was simply a picnic shelter so it’s time for a new facility which will accommodate more people. Pledges for 2019 may be earmarked for the new chapel project, general funds or “wherever needed”. Thanks for your support of the camp. Around $65,000! has been received toward the new chapel project.


Want an easy way to donate to Camp Mantowagan? Instead of going to amazon.com to order, go to smile.amazon.com. When asked to choose a charity, search for West Penn District Grace Brethren Men. (That is Camp Mantowagan's incorporated name.) Camp Mantowagan will then receive a portion (0.5%) from every purchase made through smile.amazon.com!  Pretty cool, huh?

Camp Dinner Video

For pictures of your retreat check out our Facebook page.

For pictures of your retreat check out our Facebook page.