We purpose to encourage and inspire children, and teens to lead useful, Christ centered lives by helping them mature physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially.

To fulfill our mission we assist the evangelism and discipleship ministries of Pennsylvania evangelical churches and other non-profit religious organizations, especially the Charis Churches (Grace Brethren) that own the camp, by providing a year-round Christ honoring camp and retreat center facility.


Camp is a place for children, teens, and adults to get away from the daily routine that can be so stifling to growth and spiritual development. New experiences, friends, challenges, and glimpses of God's glory are the norm at camp.


Camp is a place for breathing in all of God's amazing creation. Going to camp for a week, a weekend, or even a day takes you outside of four walls to where God's creation shouts his name! See his handiwork as you walk in the shade of green leafy trees, hear him call in the soft rippling of water around your canoe, feel his presence in the heat of an evening fire as you sing praises to his name, and taste his provision in the coolness of water after hiking to the top of a lofty overlook. Witness his majesty in the infinite stars of a calm summer night, understand more fully his forgiveness in the pure white covering of a winter snow storm, and learn to trust in him while hanging from a rope on a rocky cliff. All of this awaits at camp...


Camp is a place where connections and life-long relationships are formed. Living alongside friends and strangers in the temporary camp community will deepen existing friendships and create many new ones. These peer-to-peer relationships are forged on the challenge course, in the darkness of a mission impossible night game, or around a glowing fire. They are friendships that touch a deeper level than most and may indeed last for a lifetime. Also lasting for a lifetime are the mentor relationships formed between campers and counselors; counselors who are truly living their relationship with God and modeling that relationship for all to see. Campers see that "cool" people think that it's "cool" to live as a follower of Jesus. These earthly connections are signposts on the journey leading to true connection with God -- and that is truly what camp is all about.


Camp is a place where foundations,  and roots are formed. Decisions are made and life courses are charted and set. The number of people in full-time ministry who made a formative decision for Christ at camp is astounding...ask a few of these dedicated ones and see for yourself. When the storms of life are raging, camp provides a beacon for the drowning soul to look back upon and exclaim, "God was real then and he is real today!" The camp experience can direct the path of a person's entire life.


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